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RYT 200

Akiko Oi has been practicing yoga for fifteen years since it was introduced to her by her mother. She has recently relocated to Mariposa, from Santa Barbara CA. She extended her practice and completed the 200 RYT, Hatha / Vinyasa yoga teacher training program through the Balanced Rock Foundation.  

She sees yoga now as a natural way of self expression and a tool to transform the ideas, perceptions and physical abilities to the next level.  She is continuously fascinated by the diversity of yoga practice and how much yoga can control and branch out an individuals interest and possibilities. On or off the mat, she enjoys practicing inversions, arm balances, building strength and being complete savasana. Her style is based on vinyasa flow by harmonizing breath with asana flow through one's own meditative mind.

Akiko has practiced Fine Arts in mix media and focused on textile dye processing. Additional  studies included small business and entrepreneurship. She holds a BA from Antioch University Santa Barbara. 



RYT 200

Audrey Davis has been enjoying Yoga for over 10 years.

Her introduction to Yoga began with a Rodney Yee DVD, in her living room, but over the years learned that the power of Yoga lies not only in its training for physical strength and flexibility, but also in its ability to fortify the mind and spirit.

Audrey's practice tries to incorporate mindfulness, meditation, breathing, postures, and philosophy in order to experience Yoga in its full force.



RYT 500

Cassidy Engfer, RYT 200, is a long-term Sierra Nevada habitant; growing up in this area has created an inseparable bond between her and nature. This connection with the natural world led her to Lake Tahoe in 2012, where she began taking an introduction to Hatha Yoga course in college. Six years later, Cassidy decided to further her love of yoga and attend an intensive and immersive 200HR teacher training in Costa Rica in 2018. This immersion course changed her life and her definition of yoga- she felt the union of mind, body, and soul.  


Cassidy has always thought of herself as a life-long learner, feeling fulfillment when increasing her knowledge. Starting in 2018 she began her 300 HR training and completed it in 2019. She wants to continue building a strong yogic foundation in which she will keep growing and sharing all that she is learning with her current and future students. 



RYT 200

Clara Baena, 200 RYT was born in Colombia South America and currently lives in California. She has a degree in science and environmental education.  She was a natural science teacher and an instructor of Karate for children. Since 2007 she has devoted herself to the study of Yoga and Reiki, its philosophies, techniques, and spirituality. In Colombia Clara shared her love of Yoga as an instructor for six years.

After living in Colombia for 35 years she arrived in the United States to start a new life with her husband and daughter.

“Today I have to opportunity of living in a new place, with new people, a new language, a different climate and a new culture. There have been many difficulties but thanks to my yoga practice I was prepared for the challenges I faced. Yoga shows me how to face the changes of life, to live in the present and to be happy where ever I may go. After three years of living the yoga practice of motherhood I had the opportunity of completing my 200 hour Wild Yoga Teacher course with Balanced Rock. I feel blessed and am grateful, I want to share with others through my service all these blessings and lessons.”



RYT 200

Heather Bromberg, 200 RYT, was born in New York and moved out to California in 2016. She has a bachelor's degree in environmental science with 10 years of environmental consulting experience. She worked in the groundwater restoration industry, industrial hygiene profession, and land management agencies for the federal government. During these laborious years of working full-time and over-extending herself, she used Yoga to ground herself. She began her studies in Yoga, not just in the studio, through Balanced Rock Foundation out of El Portal, CA, and obtained her yoga instructor certificate in March 2019. She has been teaching steadily for almost 1 year and continues to grow her practice, knowledge, and dedication.



RYT 200